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1-on-1 live online language classes for kids and teens at LingoGalaxy with the assistance of native professional teachers.


A Vision of Connecting the World!

With our live online language classes for kids and teens at LingoGalaxy, children all over the globe can have equal access to knowledge and education! Regardless of students’ location, nationality, or social background, we strive to cross new horizons in online language learning education, defying all borders and exploring new language pathways through modern technological tools with the assistance of native professional teachers. To fulfill this purpose, we offer highly-quality online language lessons for kids and teens, customized to each student’s needs and learning goals!

A Bridge that Eliminates Distances

Children shall have access to knowledge no matter where they are and where they come from! LingoGalaxy preserves that right and acts as a bridge, connecting students from remote areas with superb native teachers from all around the globe.

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LingoGalaxy combines high-quality online language lessons
with the latest educational technology trends for
more fun and… powerful results!

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At LingoGalaxy, we make great efforts to ensure the quality of our services and gain the trust of students and their parents worldwide. Due to the rigorous hiring criteria of our teachers and their constant supervision from our experts, the optimal quality of live online language classes for kids is guaranteed!

Ratings and feedback information from our students are especially important to us. Therefore, only the very best, highly-qualified teachers are permitted to work at LingoGalaxy to ensure the quality of our lessons, with responsibility and professionalism in what we do.

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