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Online Greek Classes for Kids and Teens

Unleash your child's potential with our online Greek classes for kids and teens! Our courses are taught by certified, highly qualified, and experienced native-speaking Greek teachers who are experts in their field. With our online Greek lessons for kids and teens, your child will receive personalized instructions from a native tutor, ensuring that they develop the skills to become fluent in Greek.

Our experienced Greek teachers have the necessary qualifications and certifications to provide top-quality language education and are committed to helping your child succeed! Our courses feature interactive, engaging activities that are designed to enhance communication skills, cognitive abilities, and boost your child’s confidence. Whether the student is a beginner or an advanced learner, our online Greek classes for kids and teens are tailored to their needs!

Professional and native Greek tutors
Child-friendly platform
Full integration of educational technology
Parent and student accounts
Personalized Activities
Online lessons via Skype and Zoom
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We have created 3 study groups, based on each group’s age range and attention span. As a result, we can apply the most suitable study curriculum.

Greek for Preschool Kids
3-6 years old

Kids in this age range can learn any foreign language with the proper professional assistance. Although they can be easily distracted due to their restricted attention span, they have a high sense of creativity and imagination. Our highly qualified native Greek teachers know how to maintain children’s attention and keep them engaged. Within this age range, students build the foundations of creative and critical thinking, and language learning has been found to reinforce this process.

Greek for School-Aged Children
7-12 years old

Children in this age group are usually energetic, curious, and eager to explore the world! At LingoGalaxy, we know how to use this natural curiosity to help them participate actively in an enjoyable and intriguing learning process. Our certified and native Greek teachers will keep them focused on their learning goals to achieve their optimal language capacity. They know how to combine learning and fun so that students look forward to their next lesson!

Greek for Teens
13-17 years old

Getting a certificate is an essential part of verifying your language skills. LingoGalaxy provides preparation courses for any type of language test and examination with international recognition. Our online Greek classes help students acquire the necessary skills to learn the language effectively and achieve high scores!

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15 Lessons English A1

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20 Lessons English A1

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LingoGalaxy, the exclusive brand of MyLingoTrip, is an innovative online language school for kids and teens, created in collaboration with child psychologists and language experts. We aim at teaching foreign languages in a child-friendly way with the assistance of professional tutors.

With the proper guidance of highly-qualified and native Greek teachers and the integration of educational technology, we will provide your children with an exciting online language learning experience.

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We created a platform that is easy to use, child-friendly, and fun! Start your language journey today by following these simple steps:

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Fill out a form with your personal and contact information and create your administrative account from where you will be able to set up your children’s profiles and purchase lessons.

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As soon as you create a parent account, you can register your children by filling out a form with basic information.

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